NEONATAL DEATH(Losing A Baby After Birth)

I Saw the above post in a Facebook group that am also a member, this is so sad, how can a woman carry a Pregnancy for 9/10months and the baby died😭😭. As I was thinking about this I feel I should educate my women in this group on NEONATAL DEATH
I pray that this will not be our portion in Jesus mighty name.

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NEONATAL DEATH(Losing A Baby After Birth)

A neonatal death is when a baby dies within the first 4 weeks after they are born. Dealing with a neonatal death can be very difficult for the whole family, but there is help and support available.

What is a neonatal death?
A neonatal death (also called a newborn death) is when a baby dies during the first 28 days of life. Most neonatal deaths happen in the first week after birth.

Neonatal death is different from stillbirth. A stillbirth is when the baby dies at any time between 20 weeks of pregnancy and the due date of birth.

More than 3 million neonatal deaths happen worldwide every year – about 2 in every 5 deaths of children under 5 occur in the first 28 days after birth.

What are the causes of a neonatal death?
It’s not always known why a baby dies. However, the risk of neonatal death may be greater if a baby is born prematurely, is low birthweight, or has birth defects.

Prematurity and low birthweight cause about 1 in 4 neonatal deaths. Premature babies can develop life-threatening complications such as breathing problems, bleeding on the brain, infections and problems in their intestines (necrotising enterocolitis).

Low birthweight – if the baby weighs less than 2.5kg at birth – can also cause serious health problems such as difficulty breathing and feeding.

The most common birth defects that cause neonatal death include heart defects, lung defects, genetic conditions and brain conditions such as neural tube defect or anencephaly.

Sometimes a neonatal death may be caused by problems during the pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia; problems with the placenta; infections; or lack of oxygen during the birth. It can also be caused by complications during the labour – for example, if the baby didn’t get enough oxygen.

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