A neonatal death may be caused by problems during the pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia; problems with the placenta; infections; or lack of oxygen during the birth. It can also be caused by complications during the labour – for example, if the baby didn’t get enough oxygen.

In this article i will discuss ways to avoid Neonatal Death most especially before you get pregnant



1: Placenta problems: what causes unhealthy placenta in some pregnant women that lead to the death of a baby immediately after birth or 28days after birth, Placental insufficiency is linked to blood flow problems. While maternal blood and vascular disorders can trigger it, medications and lifestyle habits are also possible triggers. The most common conditions linked to placental insufficiency are: Diabetes and high blood pressure

Certain placental problems are also more common in women who smoke or use cocaine during pregnancy. Abdominal trauma. Trauma to your abdomen — such as from a fall, auto accident or other type of blow — increases the risk of the placenta prematurely separating from the uterus (placenta abruption).
Preventing placenta problems: Getting prenatal care early in pregnancy will help make sure that the mother is as healthy as possible during the pregnancy. Smoking, alcohol, and other recreational drugs can interfere with the baby’s growth. Avoiding these substances may help prevent placental insufficiency and other pregnancy complications



2:Infection: Burning, itching, and an unpleasant odor are just some of the common symptoms of vaginal infections. But treatments vary by condition, so it’s important to know which type of vaginal infection you have.




3: STI: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) usually pass from one person to another through sexual contact. Most are fairly common, and effective treatment is available — especially in the early stages.

Some STIs are benign, but others can lead to severe complications without treatment.

For example, this STI can spread through the use of unsterilized drug needles as well as sexual contact.
STIs can affect anyone, regardless of the individual’s sexual orientation or hygiene standards. Many STIs can spread through nonpenetrative sexual activity.
common STIs are: Chlamydia Crabs,Genital herpes,Hepatitis B,Trichomoniasis,HIV, Human papillomavirus,Molluscum,contagiosum,Scabies,Syphilis,Gonorrhea,Chancroid
I know might have not heard about some of thses STIs before, they can cause death of a baby after birty. in later days i will share an article that will educate you about all these different STIs, that is why it is very important for men and women to have one sexual partner, hygine is very important, be very careful of the toilet you share with other people in your work place, stop borrowing other people your dress, wig, dressess, make-up etc.

Note: Infection and STI are very broad topics i will educate you more about this in a few days later



3: Fertility Cleanse Before You Get Pregnant: A fertility cleanse is a natural option to increase fertility. It includes using special herbs to gently get rid of toxins and inflammation in your body that could be contributing to infertility. It has been proven that eating a healthy diet is one of the most powerful factors in increasing fertility naturally. For women who are struggling with infertility and those who are not married, cleansing can be important for ensuring that their bodily systems are completely ready to conceive. “After we detoxify, we get pregnant faster because of egg quality and the environment of our womb is much healthier for conception, because some women have used different kinds of prevention tablets like Postinor2 and others to prevent pregnancy  in the past, some have done abortion in the past, some had miscarriage in the past, you all need fertility cleansing.




4: Get Enough Oxygen During Pregnancy(Exercise) : One of the causes of Neonatal Death is that lack of oxygen during labour and how can you get oxygen during the period of your pregnancy is by Exercise, you need a good exercise to get your body well-oxygenated. Example of the kinds of exercise you can do while you are pregnant is by taking a walk in the morning, by Standing up; inhale as you raise your arms up and out to the sides, bringing your head up at the same time. Exhale slowly as you lower your arms and head. Focus on expanding your rib cage — rather than your stomach — as you inhale

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